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2022 GIGS

July 2022 July 2022
Friday Saturday
22nd (M) 23rd Brocklehurst Arms Macc
29th x 30th Mike

August 2022 August 2022
Friday Saturday
5th Free 6th The Crown Bredbury
12th x 13th x
19th Free 20th (xhappybday)
26th Free 27th Poynton WMC

September 2022 September 2022
Friday Saturday
2nd (B) 3rd Free
9th Free 10th B
16th B 17th Hare and Hoounds New Mills
23rd B 24th B
30th Free

October 2022 October 2022
Friday Saturday
1st B
7th free 8th The old plough Sale
14th Free 15th (B)
21st Free 22nd The Crown Bredbury
28th Free 29th Free

November 2022 November 2022
Friday Saturday
4h Free 5th Quarry Bank Timperley
11th Free 12th x
18th Free 19th x
25th Free 26th Denton Labour club Malc bday

December 2022 December 2022 December 2022
Friday Saturday Sunday
2nd Free 3rd (B)
9th B 10th Moss Trooper (Jon)
16th Free 17th Free 18th Denton Labour club (John)
23rd Free 24th XMAS EVE - Poynton WMC
30th Free 31st Broclehurst Arms Macc

2023 GIGS

January 2023 January 2023
Friday Saturday
6th P 7th P
13th P 14th P
20th P 21st P
27th P 28th P

February 2023 February 2023
Friday Saturday
3rd P 4th P
10th P 11th P
17th P 18th P
24th OddFellows Swinton 25th free

March 2023 March 2023
Friday Saturday
3rd FREE 4th Con Club, Mountain st, Mossley (Andrea)
10th FREE 11th FREE
17th FREE 18th (B)
24th FREE 25th FREE