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  In 2011 friends Tony and Brian had the idea of forming The Driscols. They set out to find top musicians in the area and put together the best quality band possible. Both had worked the club, cabaret and pub circuits for many years and decided to use their wealth of skill and experience to develop something special. Tony, the drummer, and a man of many talents, met Paul one night at his Tuesday 5-a-side football. They’d worked together in a band a few years earlier, and he remembered how incredible Paul’s vocals were. Not only that, he was a warm, friendly person and ideal for fronting a band. He was quickly snapped up.
Tony also knew, from a local band, the super talented keyboard player Mike. He had a reputation for being able to play absolutely anything to a staggering standard. So the band was taking shape.
Next they needed a guitarist. Brian the Bass Man had once worked with Lyn, who was a remarkable musician. He’d toured with many big names, frequently appearing with them on television. Luckily he was persuaded to move on from his session work and composing to become another Driscol Brother. What a catch!
The band was still missing one ingredient though. In the nineties Paul had been in a band for a short time with Jill, whom he fondly remembered for being excellent (and bringing biscuits to rehearsals). Multitalented Jill played alto and tenor saxophones and was perfect for lead and backing vocals, specialising in vocal harmony. The original band name, The Driscol Brothers, was a reference to comedy characters in an episode of Only Fools and Horses. With the sax sister on board it was time to become The Driscols.


  Next they started developing a set-list to demonstrate the versatility of the band, and songs commonly played by other acts were rejected in favour of more unusual tracks. The idea was to make audiences sit up and listen, get up and dance, and tell all their friends about the band. So a wide variety of styles, genres and eras were chosen in this ever-expanding set-list. They include rock, pop, soul, reggae, ska, ballads, disco and instrumentals, from all decades. Thanks go out to Mike, and his neighbours (as they get to hear the new songs first) for providing his converted garage/studio for rehearsals.
All the songs utilise the instrumental flexibility of the band as well as the expertise of the four vocalists. The keyboards are carefully programmed to replicate the sounds for each song. Sequencers and backing tracks are never used - all Driscols performances are completely live. A range of guitars and saxes are used to vary the sound song by song, and both the P.A. and lights are controlled by engineer, Steve. His brilliant skills transform the sound, giving it another dimension - and all the P.A. equipment is of the highest quality.
A large part of The Driscols’ success is down to the friendship and mutual respect between its members. This is always made obvious as the band exudes energy, confidence and fun. The band love what they do, and so do their audiences. Venues are always rocking when The Driscols are on stage.
The Driscols are available for clubs, pubs, weddings, and parties. Whatever your function, The Driscols will give you a night to remember.